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LiveJournal for avril haters.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Posted by:fionaa.
Time:12:49 pm.
gawwwwd... avril is making my mood much worse when i hear her fucking voice on the radio. it just makes me mad. and much more mad makes me the fact that my boyfriend loves avril and we already had some fights because of her. i can't stand her voice, but unfortunately she is all around now.
god, i hate avril lagigne!
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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:6:27 pm.
Here are some nasty new pictures of that gross couple. I used to think it was cute when two, disgustingly ugly and untalented people found each other. Now I find it sickening. Girls with a mouth like that are only good for one thing anyway, and trust me, it isn't singing or eating.

Look at the mutants, Mommy!Collapse )
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Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:7:29 pm.
This is just an idea, so I want to know what you guys think.

I am sick and tired of seeing these no-talent, moron pseudo-guitarists playing these beautiful instruments, only to do nothing but strum it and occasionally smash it up. People like Avril "play" these fabulous guitars made by Gibson and Gretsch, when they haven't the slightest clue as to what they should be doing with it! Guitars are not meant to just be strummed, and when you do strum them, you should be strumming them in time and in tune. So I have a proposition for the sales of wonderful guitars: it should be law that you should have good skill to own them. The better the skill, the better the guitar. With my skill, I could play a Gibson ES-335, or an Adamas, some other nice instruments like that. People like Eric Clapton can play whatever the hell they want. But Avril and her no-talent ilk can settle for a kleenex box with a paper towel roll glued to the top, and rubber bands as strings. That's more along their skill-line, don't ya think?


Thank you for your time.
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Monday, June 13th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:3:16 pm.
I know I've made a flurry of posts lately, but here's yet another one. It's a bunch of pics of Avril with her fans, and how delighted she looks to be there, with either a fake, forced smile or an ugly scowl. Lemme warn ya, though: her fans are almost as ass-ugly as she is. Then, at the end, is a little ditty I wrote last night after I took my sleeping pill. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy!Collapse )
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Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:1:52 pm.
I found this kind of amusing. Don't you love the facial expression of the woman in the background?
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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:2:50 am.
This is totally off-topic, so it's behind a cut... But there's some Avril pics at the end!Collapse )
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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:8:51 pm.
Since I haven't made an ugly avril picture post in awhile, and since I've nothing better to do with my time, I figured I'd do so now. There's tons of pictures- new and old- of the ugly cunt. Don't vomit too much.Collapse )
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Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Subject:Im new and i love photoshop and hate avril.
Posted by:obsidian_girl.
Time:3:59 am.

Smile for the camera avril.
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Monday, November 22nd, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:6:07 pm.
Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd.

This is a blurb in the current issue of Us Weekly. In the article on the bottom right corner, the bullshitting liar Avril seems to have out-done herself once again.

"On my last tour, I didn't eat very well," Lavigne tells us "This time, I'm trying to eat healthier so that I feel better. I'm vegan 99% of the time, except when i get "In-N-Out Burger" cravings."

Okay. A vegetarian does not eat any sort of meat. A vegan is more extreme, where they not only refrain from meat, but from products that came from animals. Milk is often replaced with soy milk, for example. You can't be a vegan and eat burgers. You can be an idiot who claims to be a burger-loving vegan, but nothing more.

For chrissakes, Avril, go the fuck back to high school. If I could graduate from high school while being an invalid and in the hospital all the time, and drugged the fuck out of my mind with tracks from where all of the IVs were put in, surely you could have finished it on the road. Your concerts aren't that long, and you work an average of 6-8 hours a week. If you claim to be so good at penning your songs, why can't you do some fucking schoolwork?

Goddamn stupid whore.
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:10:19 pm.

Looking at this picture, you see two guitarists other than Avril on the stage. Anyone with an ear for music would know that, if you have heard her songs before, there isn't exactly any intricate guitar work in them. There's barely a need for two guitarists, but three? Hmm. Looks like Avril is trying to fool us again.

Plus, any time she goes to do a performance solo, she has to bring a guitarist with her. Sometimes she "plays" it, but most of the time, she doesn't. If she's the prolific guitarist she claims to be, why doesn't she ever play completely solo? Most other singer/songwriter/guitarists can only rely on themselves for accompaniment, so why not Avril?

A simple answer to a simple question: She can't play the guitar. She'll form chords, but she doesn't even strum in time. It's reminds me of when most people start learning to play chords on the guitar, and will only strum them once for each chord change while singing and playing.

And she's had two years to learn how to play a simple damn song on the guitar by herself in front of people. It's kinda pathetic that she can't.

Can any of my guitar playing buddies back me up on this one?
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Friday, October 29th, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:5:15 pm.

Here, she says she'd love to be an actress. She says actors who become musicians are "sad and stupid", but doesn't have a problem with musicians who become actors. You idiotic hypocrite. You're already an actress. Your role is this whole crummy rock and roll facade you've been pulling. Everyone knows you're just a tame little country singing church girl from Canada. The only people who buy this charade are total morons and junior highschoolers.


Here, she says it would be easier if she didn't have to write her own music, because the record company would give her a bunch of songs that they think are hits, and would take a week to record. Um, Avril, they already did that for you. You don't write your songs. Your songwriters have already admitted that.


Here, Avril bares her tits for fans. Remember the whole "I'm not gonna show my booty, belly or boobs" quote? She's shown all three! She's a career hypocrite! She said she dislikes dressing girly, but now she does, and she condemned makeup, which she's always worn gobs of. Get over it, Avril. You're 100% purebred fake and everybody knows it.

Finally, here are some of the best Avril pics I've ever seen. I've given you fair warning. But trust me, these shan't be missed.Collapse )
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Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:3:31 pm.
I'm pretty bored and tired, so I decided to post a slew of nasty Avril pictures I found during this... period of boredness. Feel free to scream in horror. I mean, how can't you? That only smile she has is insincere and hideous!

She was a scary girl. Quite a dirty, hairy girl...Collapse )
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Thursday, October 7th, 2004

Posted by:donnaramona.
Time:7:55 pm.
i dont want this community anymore...anyone want it?
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Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:2:16 pm.
This is a kickass Avril article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/reviews/story/0,11712,1320778,00.html

Or, if you'd rather...Collapse )
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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:4:14 pm.
I don't believe this has been shown yet...

(I'm referring to the video, not the listing.)

Plus, some icky, icky pictures of the untalented bitch!Collapse )
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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Posted by:skibalovesya.
Time:9:21 pm.
Mood: bored.
this is something i posted as a comment reply in an earlier entry so don't take what i'm saying personally unless you're dontleave_her or whatever.


(forgive my capital-less-ness, it's only an LJ thing.)

it's posts like these that annoy the crap out of me.

i don't give a shit if avril is or is not punk. whatever. i don't CARE. she could be fucking techno for all i care. but that's not the reason i dislike her.

i dislike her because she's a fraud and a fake. and an idiot.

she also hates her fans. i don't understand this: my friend emily went to one of her concerts and a fan of avril's came up to her and asked for a hug. instead of politely refusing and suggesting an autograph, avril told her to "get the fuck away from her". what kind of person DOES THAT?! honestly. you don't tell your fans to get the fuck away from you.

another mention: she despises when "preps" come to her shows, but hates it when her fans dress like her...? the woman must be messed in the head. who does she want coming to her shows?! nobody i guess.

she's fake. she's stupid. she's narrowminded. SHE'S A BIGOT.

i have no respect for someone who's that much of a total snob/idiot/jerk/asshole.



*** emily would not be making this up because she's a huge fan of avril. but i don't know her anymore so it's subject to change. ***

if those aren't real reasons to hate her...what are?
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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:7:21 pm.
Here are some more nasty pictures of the dirty cunt. Well, all pictures ever taken of her are nasty, but these are ones I got through screen shots on MTV. Why does anyone have to be as ugly is she is? It's a crime against nature! If only that stalker would have, you know, killed her. Or at least beat the shit out of her parents for creating such a worthless, untalented, hideous and annoying piece of shit. It's a good thing to know Madame Crotchrot's star has started to fade though.

Actually, more than just started. It's really taking a nose dive and going down faster than she does in a trashy bar bathroom.
Here they come to wreck the day...Collapse )
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Posted by:mindytheczech.
Time:12:03 am.
Who is more pathetic: The Avril hater, or the whiney person claiming to not be a fan, but who wastes their time to come on here and tell us how much we suck for disliking Avril and making a community about it?

Y'know, it's not called pathetic when you put up an anti-Bush community. It's not pathetic when you start an anti-racism group. So why is it any different with Avril? She's a nuisance, she bothers us greatly, we strongly dislike her, and we post about it. Big deal. If we're such losers, then let us go on our loser way and keep posting, and YOU can be the bigger person by not commenting on it, because then you didn't waste your time by telling us what nuisances WE are.

Oh, and for my dear anti-Avril buddies, here are some pictures for your amusement/sheer terror.

What an ugly, stupid bitch.Collapse )
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Thursday, August 19th, 2004

Posted by:dontleave_her.
Time:12:56 pm.
Mood: amused.
This is a bullshit comunity. Oh all of you hate her so much eh? Thats good, name some fucking reasons. Oh because she said shes punk? Yeah she never said that and she doesnt even look punk. I like how everyone assumes she thinks shes so hardcore punk just because shes not in the business for showing off her ass or tits. And you all act like your some fuckin hardcore punk. Punk means nothing to people anymore. Its dead, it has been for a great while. It was a fuckin trend and you act like it was Jesus Christ or some shit. Its bullshit. It was just a fuckin trend. The trend is coming back though. And fuck all of you seriously all the chicks that fuckin diss her and act like their living the punk rock lifestryle will fall into the average homemaker in a couple of years. Your not real. Your what MTV wants you to be so they make more money. Dont you get that? While you watch your little MTV and all the "hottest" videos your making them more and more money to become more of a corporate giant. Oh but your punk rock right. Thats bullshit if you were really even near being hardcore you wouldnt even bother with MTV. Your the ones who killed punk. Thinking that your so punk rock because you can bash rich celebrities who you will never meet in your life. Oh thats bad ass right there. Cheers to you all.
"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know i'm not perfect and I don't live to be. but before you start pointing fingers...make sure your hands are clean"
You all need a rude awakening if you think that this is the life you should be living, peices of shit. Please comment I would love to hear your defenses. Or you can delete this with it lingering in your mind of how wasted your life has become.
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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004

Posted by:sosorryitsover.
Time:1:11 am.
hate ashlee simpson??? we do too


moderated community. no ashlee fans allowed.

LiveJournal for avril haters.

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